From serving Delicious Meals with extra ordinary touch, to a place that could serve you, Your family and group of friends under one roof while driving your taste buds crazy.

Client wanted to serve people his new menu, but was lacking an Footfall due to Identity and Presence in the Market as it had to compete with already established multi-franchised restaurants. So, looking at the Client & his needs we knew he needs a new logo, a new Identity and Content which could balance his vision for his Brand. Wanting to reach more people, make more money and grow more connections with the Customers.

He wanted to Identify all the Channels where he is lacking for his Brand, whether social media, online promotions and as well as digital marketing but could not find the right answer to that, and who could suggest him the right way to do so.

And realised that for any change to take place, he has change his mindset and meet people who specialise in Brand Strategies. Client googled us and connected with us through web and clicked off this journey.

Spent many hours understanding his vision and his take on Branding, how well does he connect with his client on higher level. We gave in all our attention and took a tour of his property which helped us gained insight of what this ideal place was lacking in terms of connectivity and as Res-taurant what protocol it missed out. We filtered out what our team has observed and derived pointers accordingly & after a Week set another meeting to show him what we call a BRAND STRATEGY, which was a total compilation of his brand vision and our branding solutions along with scheduled steps and purposeful content creation methods. This Journey began with a Logo that could comply with his Vision & discussion over content creation for the brand.

The creative team designed many kinds of menus such as party menus, take away menus, brand theme Hoarding designs, naming, flyers etc were being developed after a proper PHOTOSHOOT & VID-EO SHOOT of the property and what the client’s hotel has to offer; food photography played a major game changer in this as it attracted clientele with the actual images of what the Restaurant has to Offer. And for the DIGITAL part, the project manager Mr. Prabal Sahni introduced our web development team to the project & Designed a responsive lite website according to his need of reach and vision and promoted it across social media platform using EDMs, Photographs, Videos on Youtube, FB, Instagram.

Photography / Content Creation

Content creation is one the most important and creative step to begin with, at Volga we started with a good photo shoot of the Food & the property. We hired food stylists to dress the food beautiful and so it would appeal to it’s target audience as these images would not only used in print menus but also on digital media edm’s, social media, and further designing purposes whether it’s web designing or graphic designing. This Content Creation will bring out the brand image which would be shared on every platform.

Brand Logo & Stationery / Invite

Complete Visual Identity was created including professionally looking business cards, letterheads with proper compliances, envelops. Every event would have a specially designed invite as per the customers needs. We created all the necessary brand stationaries as per discussion with the client, which they used in communication channels for Business to Client & Business to Business purpose.

Fine Dine Menu

Beautiful Branding content with the power of photography and cinematography was used to create images of food and the property along with customer experience bytes to showcase over social media and create designs. This menu was delivered to be the first best thing any client would get his hands on, it was designed using the elements of joy for food and content which consist of the inputs from all the content creation teams. Photography became an integral part while designing these amazing menus.

Beverages Menu

Beverage menu was a specialty here at Volga as it had a wide a range of drinks and beverages which they wanted the customer to know about. To best describe these drinks to the customers we started with a proper photo shoot of the drinks and then designed the menu accordingly with the content all shot up and ready we created a beautiful beverage menu that would surely quench your thirst after checking it out.

Take Away Menu

Take away menu was created keeping in mind that all the information from the detailed menu should be delivered while keeping it short and effective, most of the people like to order food on the way or want to order it when they get back home. So all the menu was designed in a short version in an attractive manner to grab the attention of the people with keeping the theme.

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