Cultivating an Academy to align with the right students in the field of Education.
From Academic recognition and Multi- co curricular activities to Cultural Festivals and Events.

Client had a vision to be the best Academic Institute in the entire geographical region in the field of Engineering. Client was already working with many different channels of advertising and marketing but the result was always late and unsatisfactory. It was very hard for the client to manage communication with different service providing vendors such as graphic designers, photographers, advertisers, hoarding vendors and many more. As a result of this multi layered structure the work of the client always got hampered and efforts poured in would not result in efficient and satisfactory content and therefore his vision was not a move as he expected. Because of this multiple project handlers for every different work, the work would never complete on time and the time of the campaign got delayed with high costing because of the time loss in due process of communicating with all of them.

RVIT is an academic institute of many possibilities and the task was to portray this to the rest of the world, how we did it is by planning and precision in every step while connecting all the dots together maintaining the pace of the institute. Brand Strategy was different for this as it was already established but was lacking proper strategy. Every service which was broken down into several parts were join together by us. We created a single point of contact for the client, so he could be free from all the hassle and share his ideas and visions freely. We took his inputs and created new brochures, advertisements and designs according to the brand strategy of the brand. We created brand new original copyright free content using the medium of story telling and attracted new potential students from it. We ran media campaigns with planning and through ads in theatre and newspapers. We helped client plan Institute’s Cultural festival which consisted of big performance and hence coverage of the fest and using this content too for the proper mileage, when using it on social media handles and web promotion to reach multiple clients on a click of a button.

Brand Logo & Stationery

Complete Visual Identity was created including professionally looking business cards, letterheads with proper compliances, envelops. This Brand Logo is the most important entity in creating your brand Identity, without your Identity your brand will not emerge from it’s competitors and will blend with them. This is followed by creating your unique Stationaries which would have your brand’s imprint on them and will behave as a constant reminder of your Brand Identity to all whom you share it with. So here we created Brand logo and Stationary following the same theme of color, & typography.

Marketing Collaterals

This includes entire marketing collaterals like flyers, brochures, folders, and posters and envelops to carry them in order to post them. This Marketing Collateral was designed with respect to the target audience and was intended to contain summarized information about the brand of College it is partnered with so with all the Marketing Material the content was developed to create the experience of information received from the Brand. The Distribution material was given to parents & students who have came for admission to read and provide feedbacks & queries.


All activities, which were happening in the college campus, were studied and clicked, with respect to reference images we started shooting from morning sunrise from 6am to sunset. We captured beautiful conceptual images for brochures and website which were also utilized for EDM’s and online promotion. Along with Photo shoot we created Video ads based on different concepts for the education institute these ads were also portrayed in Theatres across the cities. These photo and video shoot proved beneficial for the content creation and this helped with Originality in brand creation and strategy.

Event - Manthan

Special Creatives for the event Manthan the college fest were created, as it is annual festival of the college, we created advertising and collateral material for the event. We captured the whole event made highlights and candid shoot for the event which later was used for more online promotion of the event and this content was used to create FB posts, EDM’s. Manthan is a yearly event which we popularized through our brand creatives and showcased it in its brochure and web.

OOH & Media

Creatives done for OOH activities and for media. Complete media planning was discussed and followed throughout the campaign. We consider Out Of Home advertising an Integral Part of the promotion campaign which includes mainly of Hoardings and Newspaper ads, we created beautiful attention grabbing designs for the Hoardings, Billboards that would attract on going audiences which would only have a brief second to read about the Brand RVIT. A strategy was also developed for the newspaper ads that were given in local newspaper so that it would attract and generate more queries. A good strategy is half work done in any brand promotion activity.

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