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Doctor Amit Bindal and Manisha Bindal, have been practicing healthcare in the field as Neurosurgeon and Dermatologist and they have partnered and connected with numerous advertising agencies and marketers in their efforts to promote their healthcare brand. But got tired as they didn’t even got close to what they had in mind. People working with them before were unable to understand their vision of portraying their Healthcare brand.

Health Branding was a new term for them, and many before confused them with advertising as branding, they were able to understand the difference between Marketing, advertising and Branding.

They wanted their vision to take off and change more lives of the patients along the journey, wanted an unique identity and to channelize communication directly with the people who need their help the most in healthcare.

Our first meeting was held on-site, and we listened to their queries for many following afternoons. They had an idea which needed strategy and identity to help them stand out and based on the research of they past experiences and their potential to glory. We created their BRAND STRATEGY showcasing our approach according to market and their target audience. Starting with a meaningful logo which defined their purpose successfully, how they wanted to serve people better in healthcare sector, following with graphic designing, the creative part of the team sat with them and took their inputs and designed letterheads, folders, hoardings, newspaper ad designs i.e all the visual identity was developed for the BRAND.

Then the part of photoshoot and cinematography begin which mainly focused on them and their daily routine showcasing and sharing their side of story with people. This whole content was in fact utilised properly on our newly designed website and this way we could reach people far from their region being able to see their work and come in contact with them.

Content Creation - Text, Photo & Video

This is the initial phase of the work, during this period we start content writing and bring in all types of content work under one roof - punchlines briefs, detailed contents.

Along with this photographers start working on refrence clicks discussion with project head and visualisers and start their first phase of shoot up. Videographers also start gearing up.

Brand Logo & Stationery

Complete Visual Identity was created including professionally looking business cards, letterheads with proper compliances, envelops. This Brand Logo is the most important entity in creating your brand Identity, without your Identity your brand will not emerge from it’s competitors and will blend with them. This is followed by creating your unique Stationaries which would have your brand’s imprint on them and will behave as a constant reminder of your Brand Identity to all whom you share it with. So here we created Brand logo and Stationary following the same theme of color, & typography.

Marketing Collaterals

This includes entire marketing collaterals like flyers, brochures, folders, posters and envelops to carry them in order to post them. This Marketing Collateral was designed with respect to the target audience and was intended to contain summarized information about the brand of Clinic it is partnered with so with all the Marketing Material the content was developed to create the experience of information received from the Brand.

Website & Digital Promotion

All activities related to digital promotion were performed. Website design and development, search engine optimization, promotion through social media everything from zero milestone to the 100th was done keeping in mind the content developed using the tools of photography & Content creation which was attractively design by our web design experts keeping in mind to keep the integrity of the Brand being constant on Print as well as Digital Media. We did lots of activities of promotion on web whether using portals like Social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Google ad words by creating a Promotion Strategy and setting up accordingly to the target audience for the promotional activities.


Creatives done for OOH activities and for media. Complete media planning was discussed and followed throughout the campaign. We consider Out Of Home advertising an Integral Part of the promotion campaign which includes mainly of Hoardings and Newspaper ads, we created beautiful attention grabbing designs for the Hoardings, Billboards that would attract on going audiences which would only have a brief second to read about the Brand Bindal Clinics. A strategy was also developed for the newspaper ads that were given in local newspaper so that it would attract and generate more queries. A good strategy is half work done in any brand promotion activity.

In-clinic Branding

Posters, clip-ons & Signage for indoor advertising was proposed to the client and implemented as it gives out the impression to all the people visiting the clinic about the whole Idea what the clinic is all about and the working Individuals within the brand. This also gave the patients a sense of positivity while they read about the Doctors they are visiting and about there qualifications, how much experience do they have and other information which was incorporated.

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