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Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM | by Team Trinity

I started Graphic designing in my early 20’s and now I have more than 2 decades of experience in branding and designing. Holding time and hard work with conviction that I could bring great value to my clients & their brands, I worked with transparency and bought a sense of achievement into the business of graphic designing and especially LOGO designing cause it is the face of any brand, it is what helps people like us, artist like, brands like us to connect with other people so I consider this the first and foremost important step of any graphic designing of brand building journey.

Your LOGO is something that you would be remembered by, it should be to the point of what the brand is about, what our product stands for, it should be able to explain that all in a moment of time to its clients.

The Idea was to keep the art alive and keep creating & inspiring people, & Logo design plays an important part in this. There many ways one can use before creating a Logo, but the whole idea behind creating always remains constant. Firstly you have to ask the client about there vision and ideas if they have any, or any name which they already have in mind like there existing company or some initials they want to use in there new LOGO.

Logo designing is not easy as it seems, you regularly have to search and think about concepts and something that is not been used before or done before along with satisfying what client has in his mind. A Logo needs to be crisp small and eye catchy all in once, so your consumers will remember your brand once they connect with you and your product or service impresses them then there is not stopping you.

Many times you start designing a logo using the name of the company and later on you add some motives to it, this happens when your name is well recognised and you have a brand image build up for you in the process, this process can take years or sometimes generation like companies like Nike, Apple may or may not use there name on there products but the people could easily recognise there products with there symbols like tick sign for Nike, of Eaten apple by apple but to reach there these companies have worked hard and regularly.

Any Logo’s colour theme & Fonts are selected with respect to it’s audience, whether we are targeting younger generation, or older generation. Always see that you Create & maintain a copyright free and original Logo because it will become a face of a company and will represent them on global level.

Logo building or designing is the first step of Image building so keep creating with your vision and keep all the above factors in mind, this skill takes time and regular practice so don’t give up in between.

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