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Posted on April 1, 2019 at 12:00 PM | by Team Trinity

From the beginning Photography was always something that could be used to attract people to such details which could never be seen or observed by naked eyes. Photography was divided into many branches according to needs, one of the most utilised form is PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY and this has been a part of peoples commercial need from starting.

Companies which are product based are always in need for Product shoot, as RED ANT STUDIOS we have captured almost every product which can be as small as TT Ball to as large as a TT Table. We have captured beautiful detailed images for our clients so they could showcase their product to there targeted clients because a products needs to look good too sell good. And not everyone can visit the product in hand so that’s why product shoot is done to clear things from people minds.

Product Shoot is done and the images are used on Print Media such as Brochure or Brand Catalog of the company for products, Graphic Designs, Digital Media such Website, FB, INSTA etc.

RED ANT STUDIOS has been working in this field for almost every kind of products from food, jewellery, goods, to Sports. We are trained in working for all types for reflective stuff which makes clicking a picture of a shinny object pretty hard.

Many products have beautiful angles that need to be explored by the product photographer so that the clients product could appeal to it’s potential clients. It is very important to practice the lighting setup for the particular products, to understand what kind of lighting setup could be beneficial for us cause we need our product to rise & shine above it’s competition and good images bring more business.

Every photographer has a favourite genre, whether it’s nature, wildlife, landscape, industries, fashion, wedding or something else but I guess once in a lifetime everyone of us photographers have to shoot product images. Product photography has a lot of potential when it comes to shooting high end brands but to reach there you have to start slow and steady from the bottom without giving up, sometimes in the beginning of your career you may have to shoot in low prices or even free cause you may wanna add some shoots in your portfolio but once you gain trust of your clients you could charge accordingly.

Always remember you are creating and inspiring other artists and no one can take your skill away from you, your vision, your passion are things that will take you places and help you overcome all obstacles. As a product photographer you just need to shoot from all the possible angles that no one can visualise with naked eyes. Your pictures should always have that wow factor.

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